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Letter from Florence Nightingale to A.J. Humbert, 1 March 1861
Description: Letter, 1 March 1861, from Florence Nightingale, 30 Old Burlington Street to AJ Humbert (Albert Jenkins Humbert, architect, 1822-1877), re: hospital design, favours 32 bed ward, special considerations for small wards, segregation of cases. 1 page.
Object Number: 0549
Full Transcription:
FNM letter 0549

[page i]

30 O. Burln St [abbr: Old Burlington Street] W [abbr: West]
Mar [abbr: March] 1/61

My dear Sir

I have not yet
received any reply
from Sir James Clark.

As it is left to us
to be Doctor & Director
as well as Architect,
I unhesitatingly
pronounce in favour
of keeping the 32[unclear: =]
bed wards.

It would be a

[page ii]

pity to make
imperfect wards [add: out
of wards]
which are perfect
– without any
Instructions [unclear: so]
to do -

They must
exclude certain
cases - that is

The French,
who are the only
nation, except
their cousin [unclear: =]
Belgians, who

[page iii]

have at all
considered the
question of Hospital
construction, have
come, for very
sufficient reasons,
to the conclusions
I have stated to
you -

But I would
fully equip the
small wards with
Sister's Room, Scullery
& every appurtenance
— as these will

[page iii]

probably contain
the very worst cases,
according as they
are set apart.
whether [unclear: Lithotomy]
cases — [unclear: or] the most
severe Cutaneous
forms -

Yours faithfully
Florence Nightingale

A. J. Humbert Esq [abbr: Esquire]