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Two letters from Florence Nightingale to Jane Styring, 1 June 1885
Description: Two letters, two telegrams with envelope written to Miss Styring by Florence Nightingale. Telegrams were not digitised.
Object Number: 1354.25
Full Transcription:
FNM letter 1354.25


Miss Styring
St. [abbr: Saint] Marylebone Infirmary
Ladbroke Grove Road
W. [abbr: West]


[page i]

June 1/85
10, South Street,
Park Lane
. W. [abbr: West]

Dear Miss Styring

Lady Rosebery has just
received a Telegram from
their Commissioner, Major Young,
at Cairo, asking for a
"Nursing Sister" [del: ther] to be sent
out there at once.

I could not but give
your name & address - as
you had so heartily

At the same time I said
emphatically that I did
not think the work likely
to be offered you there was

[page ii]

at all
worthy of your energies —
some of the Sisters [add:Lady Rosebery][del: we] sent
out had certainly not so
much to do as they had
at home.

And I am most anxious
to be in time to prevent
you from acquiescing in any
engagement, unless you
know thoroughly that you
will not be employed
in nursing cases which
have little or nothing the
matter with them –

convalescents, in short.

You see war is over.

[page iii]

I have desired that
Major Young be
telegraphed to to [sic] ask him
for what duty this "Nursing
"Sister" is required.

Good speed in all
you do. May God bless you
& the work: in greater haste

ever faithfully yours

Will you say to Miss Vincent
with my love that I am
writing to thank her for her

[page iv]

10 South St. [abbr: Street]
June 1/85

Dear Miss Styring

A Mr. John Lamb,
agent to Lady Rosebery's
Committee, is coming to you
to ask you to go out to
Cairo now as "Nursing Sister".
Do not engage yourself
without ascertaining very
surely that the Nursing
work to be done [add:there] is worth
your doing.

I write by post.

God bless you,
ever yours sincerely