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Partial letter from Florence Nightingale to unknown recipient, undated
Description: Undated part of a letter signed by Florence Nightingale. Mention of Mrs Bracebridge (pre 1874 therefore). Stamped on reverse "Autograph collection of Dr Max Thorek/ Chicago." Window mounted with print (from Sir E Cook's Life of FN) of Mrs Nightingale and daughters by Cunliffe, 1828. 1 page.
Object Number: 0802
Full Transcription:
FNM letter 0802

[page i]

dear Madame Perty -

but Mrs.
Bracebridge desires me to say
that she hopes some day to
revisit Berlin. I wish I
might too -

Will you excuse the trouble
I am going to give you? Per-
haps some day when you are
sending to the Post you will
ask if there are any letters
there addressed to my name.
(I have not heard so long
from my people. I cannot
but imagine some mistake
has been made in the
forwarding them.) If there
are any, will you kindly
desire them to be forwarded
to Poste Restante, Düsseldorf.

Pray remember us to your
young companion, if she is still
with you - & believe me ever,
dear Madame Perty, with our
kindest regards to Dr. Perty,

[page ii]

whose kindness we can
never forget & to your [unclear: sons],

Your most truly & gratefully
Florence Nightingale.