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Letter, 4? Jun 1872 from Florence Nightingale
Description: Draft: duties of Miss Torrence. Undated, but reply by Henry Bonham Carter
Object Number: LMA/H01/ST/NC/01/003/72/14
Full Transcription:
LMA letter H1/ST/NC/31/72/12

[page i]

[add: Please
return to

Duties of [del: Sister] Miss Torrance
[add: No [abbr: Number] 1]

To take charge (under the Matron-Superintendent)
of the Probationers' Home
of its housekeeping, accounts, servants &c. &c.

To take [add:general] charge of the Probationers under the
Matron: also as to meals, hours &c. &c. &
to carry out rules.

To give such classes, [unclear: whether] religious or of
General Improvement, as may be from
time to time arranged. To see to the Probrs [abbr: Probationers]
preparing Notes of Lectures, Case-books, Dieting, & to verify [unclear: them]

To give such superintendence in the wards
[add: or][del: &] in such wards as the Matron
may from time to time appoint.

To read [del: morning & evening] prayers in the

To [del: write][add:undertake] all [del: such letters][add:correspondences concerning the Probatrs [abbr: Probationers]] as the Matron
may desire — [del: of enquiry concerning
selection of Probationers, information sought
or given in all that regards the
Probationers & the Home

[page ii]

I think these regulations
embody all that is necessary
but perhaps the effect of
putting them into Mrs Wardropers
hands may be to increase
her fear or feeling that she is
to be practically displaced.—
Now we do not want this at
all & I am disposed to think
that in the present stage
the rules should be verbally
discussed between you & her
& the principles of MissT.'s [abbr: Torrance] [del: being]
services being confined to the
Probationers with only such
Superintendence in the Wards as
is found convenient, [unclear: should]
be [unclear: shortly] understood - I think
you might even read her

[page iii]

what you [unclear: have] put down.

When reduced to formal rules
& [gap: illegible] over, they look [unclear: more]
formidable in the sense I refer to.

However this is entirely for your
discretion & you will be better
able to judge in [unclear: being] & talking
with her.

She has asked the Chaplain to
fix prayers in the Chapel at
such an hour that Nurses &
Probationers may attend.—

[gap: illegible]
11.15 AM.