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Letter from Florence Nightingale to "Polly", 27 August 1886
Description: Letter in pencil addressed to Polly and signed Florence Nightingale, dated August 27 1886. Letter from donator suggests Polly is Cecilia Linford and was Florence Nightingale's maid.
Object Number: 1205
Full Transcription:
FNM letter 1205

[page i]

Dear Polly as we used to
call you:

I have
very much wished to tell
you how I grieved for
your father's children
when I heard of his death.

I have never known
your address. Or I would
have sent you your
Confirmation book, which
I am sure you wish to
have - Shall I not
send it you now?

[page ii]

I often think of those
hours we used to have
together -

Your old friend
Florence Nightingale
August 27/86