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Letter from Florence Nightingale to "Polly", 11 December 1886
Description: Letter in pencil addressed to Polly and signed F Nightingale, dated December 11 1886. Letter from donator suggests Polly is Cecilia Linford and was Florence Nightingale's maid.
Object Number: 1204
Full Transcription:
FNM letter 1204

[page i]

Dec [abbr: December] 11/86

Dear Polly (as we used to
call you

I was very sorry not to be
able to answer your letter
before. I think so much
of your Father & of your
saying that you "can
"hardly bear to think of him."
But think of him still. It
does us good to think of our
dead fathers — not dead but
gone before — I am always
thinking of mine. Think of

[page ii]

him as he is now - more
alive than ever - living
in the arms of that
Loving Almighty Father of
us all, who loves him
& us more even than we
can love each other or him.

Tell me more about your
father's death, & about
your seeing him. I shall
be interested in hearing

I will send you your little
confirmation book at

[page iii]

Since I received your answer,
I have been more than
usually ill & more than
usually overworked .
which is the reason I have
not been able to write.

God bless you