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Draft letter, Aug? 1856
Description: Draft letter prepared for Florence Nightingale. No date. Re. Miss Anne Clarke and the Sultan's gift
Object Number: LMA/H01/ST/NC/01/001/56/03
Full Transcription:
LMA letter H1/ST/NC/01/56/3

[page i]


I beg to [unclear: enclose] a letter which I
have recd [abbr: received] from the Sister of Miss
Anne [unclear: Clark], one of the [unclear: past] [del: Sisters][add: Ladies]
employed with me at the Barrack
Hospital. Having made no direct
suggestion as to the mode dis-
of the Sultan's Gift, so [unclear: far]
as these Ladies were concerned.
I do not feel at liberty [unclear: now] to
[unclear: ask] you to alter whatever [unclear: mode]
of [unclear: appropriation] you have determined
upon [unclear: -] & must [gap: illegible] refer

[page ii]

Miss Jane [unclear: Clark] for an answer to
her letter to [del: the][add: your] decision [del: already
determined upon by the [unclear: W. O. [abbr: War Office]] [gap: illegible]
it is your opinion that this decision
should be altered at Miss [unclear: Clark's]
desire, which might be open to the
[unclear: objection] that the same alteration
might be [gap: illegible] [unclear: asked] for in
other cases, which might [gap: illegible]
considerable [unclear: perplexity] to the W. O. [abbr: War Office]