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Draft Letter from Florence Nightingale to Miss Macleod, Jun? 1857
Description: No address or date. Re. her search for employment
Object Number: LMA/H01/ST/NC/01/001/57/02
Full Transcription:
LMA letter H1/ST/NC/06/57/2

[page i]

My dear Miss [gap: illegible].

Your letter should
have been [unclear: sooner] answered. but
that it has been following me on
a journey of [unclear: business] from which I
[unclear: only] returned to town last night.
I [unclear: hear] with the most sincere interest
that you are enquiring for a situation
which you think would be satisfactory
to you— I heartily wish to forward your
[gap: illegible]. & wish that I may do so by
[unclear: saying] as I can most truly say, that
I [unclear: parted] from you with feelings of respect
& regard which will always make me
rejoice to hear of your well doing.

I thank you for your [unclear: kind] enquiries
after my health [unclear: -] I believe it is as good
as I can expect it to be. I hope Mrs [abbr: Mistress]
[unclear: sooner] has quite recovered her health
Pray remember me affectionately to her
& believe me, my dear Miss [gap: illegible].

[page ii]

I wish to add, my dear Miss [gap: illegible]
to what I have said, that I would gladly
have written something more [unclear: specific]
in regard to the particular situation you
[unclear: have] in [gap: illegible] but I think you will see
that it is in general terms only that I
am able to speak — for though I would
gladly believe you well fitted for a
situation requiring "good [unclear: management]
great [unclear: activity], prudence, good [unclear: sense]
& [unclear: dignity] in the intercourse with the
inmates". I had not, at the time you
joined us, any situation to offer, which
afforded scope for [unclear: such] qualities. for
which therefore from personal experience
I am unable to vouch, for numbers
were, at that time, lessened & lessening
I should not have asked you to come
out from England to [unclear: undertake] what
I had then to offer — what I offered
because you were in the country &
enquiring for such employment as I could
propose [unclear: -] I think therefore that others
who [add:may] have [gap: illegible] you [gap: damaged] life which
called for more [gap: damaged] such qualities

[page iii]

may [unclear: do] you more [gap: illegible] & [unclear: render] you
more assistance in regard to the [unclear: situation]
you have in [gap: illegible] [unclear: than] is [unclear: possible] to
me [unclear: -] you have my best wishes. I
wish I could express them more
effectively [unclear: than] by words. The [unclear: desire]
without the power to forward the
wishes of those who [gap: illegible] have
been engaged in working with me
has been, in very many instances
one of the most [unclear: painful] circum
of my life.