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Draft Letter from Florence Nightingale to Miss [Emily] Anderson, 1857
Description: No address or date but shortly after 13 Mar 1857 when Miss Anderson wrote to Florence Nightingale. Re. Mrs Keatley's Crimean service and the Sultan's gift
Object Number: LMA/H01/ST/NC/01/001/57/01
Full Transcription:
LMA letter H1/ST/NC/01/57/1

[page i]

My dear Miss Anderson

I sent Mrs. [abbr: Mistress] [unclear: Keatley] the
money because I considered
herx [sic] as [del: a case] undoubtedly
entitled to it.

[del: You have misunderstood
me if
you consider that
I supposed
[add: I must have misexpressed myself [del: very much
in [gap: illegible]
1. to suppose [del: me]
me to be [del: I was] considering
that "it
"could had in" me "for any
"one to know that an
"omission of one name
"has been made which
"[del: you]" ([unclear: If] "immediately
"offered to make up for"

There has been no

[page ii]

omission on my part
[del: nor is][add: neither can] there [add: be] any "making
up" on my part.

The War Office required,
of course, the periods of
service of every Nurse
as well as her name,
in order to determine
the proportion to be paid
her. [unclear: These] could only
be given by the respective
Superintendents under
whom they served.

[page iii]

I gave the names &
periods of service of all
those Nurses & Ladies
who came from Koulali
to me at a subsequent
period. And I presume
that the Koulali Super-
did the same
for the Nurses who came
to them. Mrs. [abbr: Mistress] [unclear: Keatley]
would not have been
entitled to anything
for the [del: short time] period

[page iv]

that she was at Scutari,
little more, I think, than
3 weeks [unclear: -] [del: as those who
were in the East for a

[add: the] period [del: less than] [add: of] three
months [del: were excluded
[add: having been] [unclear: fixed] by the War
Department as the
minimum for which
they should receive the
[unclear: Sultan's] gifts. I did not
know & could not state
the time she was at